Time to update the “About” page.  Below you can still read the beginning of our journey but new visitors need to know that we are a little farther along!  Cisco is a little over 2 and a half and is in his second year of work at Trinity Episcopal School.  He is not longer working into the daily fabric of Trinity but rather he has become a mainstay in that fabric.  I am still serving as the art teacher and have gracefully handed my “awesome” title on to Cisco.  I don’t always get the excited, “HEY Ms. Rankey!!” I had become used to (and I am no long an “I” but rather a “we”) but now we get “CISCO!!!”….I have learned to speak for Cisco and make sure that I return the excited greeting to each child and adult.  I continue to be amazed at how effortlessly he navigates the wonderful craziness that is elementary and middle school, how graciously he shares his love and time with whomever walks in the room and how incredibly smart he is (when he wants to be!). We hope you enjoy our stories and pictures!

Welcome to Cisco the school dog’s page/blog.  Cisco is a precocious 1 year old yellow lab that was tapped for some big work at Trinity Episcopal School in Charlotte, NC before he knew his own name.  Who did the tapping?  That would be me, Jen Rankey!  I am the art teacher at Trinity Episcopal School and Cisco is being trained to take over as the “in-house” school dog.  He follows in the giant footstep of Tie and Patience.  Tie was the schools first dog and taught the student body a ton about biology by going into heat and eventually giving birth to a litter of gorgeous puppies, she taught the students and adults in the community the important, but often overlooked, power of a quiet presence, and she taught us how to grieve as a community when she lost her battle with a post-birth infection.  Her entire litter found fine homes within the Trinity community but Patience, one of her sweet yellow girls found a home within the Trinity building by taking over her mom’s job! Patience became the second school dog at Trinity, being trained by hundreds of kids on a daily basis!  Watching her try to figure out “fetch” with 25 kindergarten students, who didn’t really get it either, served as one of the many priceless moments she gifted our students.  Patience (and her Human Joanne Stratton-Tate) are spreading their gifts and joy to others in the Charlotte community, leaving another vacancy in the “school dog” category.  Enter Cisco, a block-headed (literally and figuratively!) yellow boy ready to work his way into the daily fabric of Trinity Episcopal School.

I (Jen Rankey) will be keeping the blog rolling since Cisco doesn’t type and is still a bit too immature to get his thoughts organized:).  Since Cisco just turned 1 we are officially a year behind!  So, there will be a fair amount of “catch-up” posts mixed in with some “what happened today” posts.  Please feel free to contact me anytime…I promise I will pass everything along to the Big Boy!  Maybe his adventures can inspire, teach, or simply entertain you as much as they do me.


Jen Rankey and Cisco

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Joanne Stratton Tate said:

    Love this! Good luck. Don’t forget you agreed to illustrate the book about Tie!:0

  2. Linda Ernst said:

    When are you going to post more about Cisco?

  3. Sheri McVay said:

    Would love to hear more about where you got Cisco…

    • Sheri, I am not sure if you will hear back about where Cisco came from. I started reading Jen’s blog when I was looking for another dog and I was so impressed with Cisco. I loved reading her story, but I image she and Cisco are pretty busy. He came from Twilight Retrievers in Ararat, North Carolina. You can find them on Facebook or just Google. We got our dog Canby from Twilight Retrievers. He is really something special. He is a yellow lab from Lucy and Glade. He is beautiful!!! Everyone who meets him says he is the most beautiful lab they have ever seen. More that that his temperament is extraordinary ….I plan to train him to be a Therapy Dog and I think he will be stellar. He is so smart I will have to work hard to stay ahead of him.

    • Hi Sheri (and Linda),
      Linda gave you all the info about Twilight Retrievers…Hunter is an extraordinary breeder and his wife Amy keeps the farm up and running:). Cisco is currently at the farm breeding with Lucy so it may be a good time to check them out:).
      Jen and Cisco

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