Greetings friends of Cisco (and friends of mine that I force to be friends of Cisco!),IMG_5498

Happy New Year!!  Although I am pretty good at posting picture on Instagram of the sweet school dog in action (or inaction) I realized that I had not updated his blog in a LONG time!  Sorry about that….

So, Cisco got the “call” during his holiday break from school to head up to the farm for breeding purposes.  Yes, the hardest working dog at Trinity Episcopal School has a second job that requires him to shed his polite Therapy Dog manners and be a DOG! Since Cisco and I work so closely I have come to understand (as much as a human can understand) his moods, his health and his personality.  I must say, there is nothing more heartwarming than watching his face light up when we arrive at Twilight Retrievers (A.K.A. The Farm).  He was born at the farm and has returned multiple times for training (Hunter is an AMAZING trainer as well as an accomplished breeder of beautiful dogs with great demeanors) and breeding. Below you can see the difference in his stance and demeanor:

On the way to the farm....

On the way to the farm….

On the farm

On the farm






See the change in that sweet face!! Now I get MANY comments about Cisco being “sad” in his pictures.  Cisco has a beautiful and BIG English Lab head that squishes up in the most delightfully cute way.  When his face is flat on the floor (one of his favorite napping poses) all that squishiness bunches up and he glances those big brown eyes up when I say his name to catch a photo.  The result is, in my humble opinion, super cute but some people think he look sad…honestly, he is the least “sad” dog I have ever met.  He just has what I like to call “Resting Sad Face”.

The farm is a smorgasbord of smells and activity that Cisco simply loves!  For a moment, he forgets how to heel, he forgets his name and he forgets that he works at a school with young children.  Simply put, his nature of being a dog takes over for a minute!  As the person who usually keeps him in check for his school work, I love seeing this side of my boy!  When I was training Cisco for his therapy work, I remember Hunter saying, “He will work hard for you but don’t forget to let him be a dog too!”  At the farm, he is a dog….a happy, stinky, pee-on-ever-post/tree/bush, love-struck DOG!

This time he is partnered to breed with a beautiful black lab named Lucy.  She is a sweet little girl and will help Cisco welcome his first full litter of pups in about 9-10 weeks!  Lucky for me, Cisco does not have to stay at the farm the whole time because there are a few (like over 400) people that need him in Charlotte.  Our science department has already started the genetic research while others are calculating probability of number of pups, color and gender.  In true Trinity form, we are embracing the teachable moment while patiently waiting for our four-legged friend to return!

We will keep you posted as we usher in 2016: The Year of the Cisco Puppies….


Jen (and Cisco from afar)