Just a quick update…the boy is STILL working at the farm!!  I believe Mossy really likes his company:).  There is a possibility that he will be introduced to Raisin (a beautiful black female) before he comes home.  It has been nothing short of weird to start the school year without him and my house is just a bit too quiet without his silly antics and loud snoring but a boys gotta work, right?

Although we have not gotten official word that Mossy is pregnant, the science investigations will start this week!  Genetics and Statistics are ripe subjects when it comes to dog breeding so our budding Middle School scientists (with the help of our amazing science teachers) will explore the upcoming possibilities.

On the social/emotional front, it has been interesting explaining that he may be breeding with two females to our older students.  I keep reminding the kids that dogs are different than people and that he is not married to Mossy but it still brings about a fair amount of interesting conversation.

One of my favorite stories came last week at the hands of two first grade students.  They stopped me in the hall and asked where Cisco was.  I told them that he was working at a farm with his friend Hunter this week.  You could see the wheels turning…the little girl asked what work he did at the farm.  My answer, “He just helps out.”  Her: “doing what?  Seriously, what kind of work does he do at the farm Ms. Rankey?”  I must confess, I was starting to sweat a bit….I am happy to share this information with older students as they can understand a bit more but 1st graders are YOUNG!  Luckily, the first grade boy looked at me with the most earnest gaze and said, “He works on the farm?  Does he ride a horse or does he drive the tractor?”  I smiled and said, “No, he herds the sheep and goats!”  We all laughed and the young girls curiosity was quelled with the mental image of her beloved school dog driving a tractor!  

We miss the big guy terrible at Trinity but are excited about the fact that the world will be graced with more little Cisco’s soon!

PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES!! Peace like puppy breath……

Jen and Cisco (from afar)