Really we have so much to share because we are SLACKER BLOGGERS!!  For that, I (the human at the keyboard) apologize.  I have found that I am really good at collecting memories via my handy-dandy iPhone.  I am also really good at sharing moments via Instagram (@tesschooldogcisco) but simply drop the blogging ball when it comes to getting it all together in one spot.  For those of you that know me, you understand that this is kinda my “mode of operation”.  You also know that I am on the eternal quest to be better organized, better prepared and better at most everything I try.  So, once again I will promise to be better at communicating about the awesomeness that is CISCO!!


When I sat down to update the blog I realized that my last post was one of an incredibly personal nature.  Maybe I just needed that post to sit for a while (see, I’m already starting to make excuses for my lack of blogging discipline!!) before I was ready to jump back in.  Maybe I just needed to jump in and sending Cisco off to the farm for his second round of breeding seemed like the appropriate place to start!  That is right, Cisco is at the farm but I will get back to that in a minute. First I need to bring you up to speed on the end of his 3rd year as the Trinity Episcopal School School Dog!

In true “champ” form, Cisco worked hard for his students.  He helped his nervous kids feel less nervous, he ran and played with his energetic kids, he patiently served as the object of scientific inquiry,  and he snoozed quietly (with the occasional loud snore) when his artist friends were hard at work.  One moment of glory that I will not soon forget is the moment one of his kindergarten friends who was SUPER scared of dogs finally gave him a little pet (so scared that Cisco had to spend most of the year kept away from her class)!!  It was a moment that I almost missed.  We were coming back from a mid-day potty break and our kindergarten friends were on the playground for afternoon recess.  If you haven’t witnessed Cisco arriving on campus when kids are at recess it is similar to the moment One Direction takes the stage!  Kids running from all corners screaming his name…CISCO CISCO CISCO!!!  On this particular day there were no less that 10 kindergarteners with at least one hand on him and even more firing questions about any and everything at me.  Cisco is a pro when this happens; he sits down or stands behind me and lets everyone get the love they need.  I was chatting with a few kids when one boy screamed, “She did it! She did it!”  then the whole group was jumping and cheering.  I turned around to see Cisco standing behind me with the one little girl in the whole school that had never touched him gently laying her hand on his hind quarters.  Honestly, I about cried when she looked up at me with her big brown eyes and smiled while her entire class was cheering for her.  This is what Cisco does…he gives so many people the chance to love, cheer, and overcome with ease and grace.


When summer finally arrived, Cisco enjoyed a few days of rest and relaxation then started to get a little anxious.  It is hard for him to go from interacting with hundreds of people a day to just his family.  We made little trips to Home Depot and PetsMart as well as visits to friends houses with dogs and kids to help keep him social.  Then it was time for our family vacation!!  I went to Boston a week before vacation to attend professional development at MassArt.  After a week, my family came to pick me up and we headed to our happy place, Nantucket!!


Cisco and his sister Madaket at MassArt

Cisco got to run on the beach, meet new doggie friends, and visit the beach from which his name originated.  All in all, a WONDERFUL week for the entire family (as well as the friends that visited).  Next thing we knew, it was time to get back in the car and start to LONG trek home (it includes a 2.5 hour ferry ride and a 14is hour drive from Mass to NC).  Here is a little peek at what the back seat of the car looked like….


As we drove through New York we got a call from Twilight Retrievers.  It was time for Cisco to visit the farm as Mossy had come into season.  So at 10:30 pm, Cisco got out of the car that he had been in since 6:30 that morning (with multiple pit stops, walks, and snack breaks!) at the farm.  Hunter and Amy were happy to see him and we were happy to see their new 6 month old little ones Wil and Liam (who were not heeding their mothers bedtime routines and up WAY past their bedtime).  After a few minutes I put him in his crate (really not his, one he was borrowing from Hunter so he was not super excited about it), told him I loved him and left him to work his magic.  He and Mossy have been successful thus far and Cisco will be home and rested before we go back to school on August 18th.

As always, thanks for following us and we will keep you up to date on puppies, a new school year and the general awesome life of Cisco!


Jen and Cisco