As summer break comes to a close, Cisco is super-excited to start his 3rd year as the Trinity Episcopal School school dog.  He got a bath, washed all his work uniforms (an abundance of bandanas) and was ready to go.  Then he got a call Saturday afternoon that he was needed for his second job.  I bet you didn’t even know Cisco had a second job….well, he does but it is a quiet job that he had not officially started yet.  Cisco is one of the breeding males for Twilight Retrievers and since he just turned 3 he was “called up” to carry on his wonderful blood-line (he is breeding with Mossy.  Check her out on the Twilight Retrievers website).

So Sunday morning we drove up to the farm and Cisco started this new work, which will take him at least a week to accomplish.  Although I am SO excited about this I am a little sad too.  Due to the timing, Cisco will miss the first week of his 3rd year as school dog:(. As I drove in to school this morning for Wildcat Roundup I had the nagging feeling I had left something at home that I needed.  I checked my bag, my pockets, and the back seat of the car before I realized that I was missing Cisco.  I rarely drive to Trinity without him in the back of the car and when I arrive on campus without him, EVERYONE notices!

I will keep you posted as to his progress on the farm and will regale you with funny stories of explaining his absence to 400+ students this week:).  Just to let you know, my “go to” line is, “Cisco is working on his farm this week.  He will be back next week!” but I can already hear the questions….wish me luck!

Peace, love and PUPPIES,