This handsome man wants to wish all his friends a Happy Valentines Day!  Although he is excited for VDay, he is more excited that the sun is shining and melting away some of the snow and ice that accumulated over the past few days.  We are on snow day #3 and will not return to school until Tuesday…we have walked and played in the snow, we have shoveled and swept cars and walkways and now we are ready for our lovely Charlotte weather to return:).

The #snOMG storm (otherwise known as PAX) destroyed WOW week at Trinity.  Week withOut Walls is a way for 5-8 grade students to have genuine learning experiences outside of the classroom.  It is a week that everyone looks forward to each year.  Everyone except Mother Nature this year!  Teachers had planned, students were stoked and Cisco was ready to race along with my Amazing Race group but alas, we instead spent the remainder of the week at home.  I really think it was one of the few times that teachers and students alike we not happy to have a snow day (or 3) at Trinity.

So Cisco asked me if I would share his hipster social media awesomeness…not only does he blog…he also has an Instagram!  Fancy, I know!!  He requests that you follow him @tesschooldogcisco.  I recently had a conversation with friends about the evolution of social media.  Someone said, “I like Instagram more than FaceBook because there aren’t all the words and stuff.”  Now I am an artist that finds their joy in all things visual but I am also SURE that well crafted words can paint a picture that no camera can capture.  Cisco and I will do both…capture moments digitally and crafting stories with words.  I must say, the boy is pretty darn cute and following his Instagram will give you a little peak into his school environment as well as vids and shots of him relaxing at home.

Go to the ‘gram and follow Cisco @tesschooldogcisco.  Have a great weekend!

Candy hearts and dog bones,

Jen and Cisco