Those of you that live in the south will understand the annoying nature of FIRE ANTS!!  They build these huge and unpleasant mounds all over the place and are nasty little creatures once they find you.  Today Cisco (lead by me) and a bunch of middle school students and teachers headed to one of the few open fields around our urban school campus to play a quick game of Ultimate Frisbee.  I noticed that the blasted fire ants had infested the field and warned all the students to avoid the mounds (of course, a few of them decided to kick a mound or two before fleeing and engaging in the frisbee game).  Cisco and I were hiding under a tree but decided that the view would be better from the other side of the field so off we went.

After a few minutes cheering the students on I felt a pinch on my foot.  I looked down and couldn’t believe how unobservant I had been upon moving to the other side of the field as I found both Cisco and myself standing right in the middle of a fire ant village!  Both of my feet were covered with ants and the stings were coming quick.  I jumped back and threw off my shoes and started brushing the ants off.  If you have been covered in these ants you know that brushing them off is no easy task and you usually end up with stings on your hands and arms as well as the original site.  As I was frantically removing ants I realized that Cisco was doing the “Cat-on-a-hot-tin-roof-dance” and when I looked at his back paws I realized that they were COVERED in ants.  I stopped removing ants from myself and started helping Cisco then something magical happened…..  Next thing I knew, there were two middle school girls that came to his rescue.  With no thought of being stung themselves they worked furiously to remove the ants from his paws, making sure that they checked in between his toes and up the length of his legs.  They kept moving him away from the ants they had removed so they didn’t jump back on, giving him love the entire time.  Like the good boy he is, he stood still and let them help him until he was clear.  They also helped me make sure that my shoes were free of rogue ants before we headed back to campus.

This is what Cisco does…he brings out the best in you!  Some middle school students may watch an adult or peer suffer and show reluctance towards putting themselves in the line of fire ants for another person but Cisco makes them better.  He gives them unconditional love and protection and they return the favor without a second thought.  At Trinity we talk about seeing Jesus in the actions of those around us.  Too often Jesus is hard to see but He was shining this morning in the face of a few middle school girls who helped THEIR school dog!  Once the itching subsided I counted myself as truly blessed.

~Jen and Cisco