20130324-182722.jpgCisco celebrating at our Palm Sunday Chapel

It is official, Cisco has a hard time keeping up his blog!  It is not due to lack of stories to share or wisdom to impart but rather a lack of time to sit and write (and the lack of thumbs makes him so dependent on me, one of the worst “keeper-up of things” ever!).

Anyway, Cisco has been as busy as any teacher in the spring!  He can be found comforting a second grader having a splinter removed, helping a young sibling focus during chapel, running through the gym like some of his kindergarten friends, or sitting on the floor next to working artists in the art room.  Like a true teacher, he spent his spring breaking working!  He worked with his trainer at The Dog Knowledge to brush up his basic commands and he started to add “place” to his ever-expanding list of commands!

IMG_2671Hangin’ at Friday Chapel

For the first time all school year, Cisco took some time off this past week.  After spring break he seemed to lack his usual energy so he visited his favorite vet and it turns out he was fighting an infection!  She gave him some antibiotics to nip the infection and I gave him some long overdue time off.  I’m not sure who was missed most, me missing Cisco, the students missing Cisco or Cisco missing WORK (both the students and me).  He seems to be feeling better so he will head back tomorrow to continue the work he loves!

IMG_2666How lucky is Cisco???

Keep your tail wagging!

~Jen and Cisco