It has been a few weeks since Cisco blogged…he has been a busy dog for sure!

Some of you may not know this but Cisco is slated to be a breeding stud for Twilight Retrievers.  A few weeks ago he was “called up” to try his hand at making some puppies.  He needed to stay at the farm for a week to ten days so I packed up all his “stuff” and headed north.  He was so excited to see Hunter and the other dogs, chickens, goats and cats and met a new friend named Glade.  Glade is a super sweet yellow lab that is about 9 months old (I think) and looks a fair amount like Cisco a few short months ago!  After passing Cisco’s stuff off to Hunter I headed back home with a quiet and empty car.

Although I missed Cisco a ton I had no idea how much he would be missed at Trinity!  The day after he left I heard “where is Cisco?” approximately 4000 times.  Now I had practiced what I would say to the students when they asked, but a dog going to breed is just a slippery slope in an elementary and middle school!  “He went to visit his friends at the farm.”, “He went to meet a new friend at the farm.” and “He went to breed.” were a few of my responses but they where always followed by “why?”.  As an educator that seeks to grab and use any and all teachable moments I decided to answer the questions honestly while keeping each students developmental level in mind (not an easy thing to do!).  I could fill multiple posts with the conversations I had with students and adults during the 10 days that Cisco was gone but I will share just one.  I told a second grade class that Cisco went to the farm to breed.  I explained that it meant he was going to make puppies with a girl dog.  Then I gracefully skirted the questions about “how” this would happen but answered the question about who the girl dog was.  I told them her name (Mossy) and showed them pictures.  They were so excited and asked if Mossy was his wife.  Hum, didn’t expect that questions…rookie mistake!  Before I could answer they asked why Cisco would leave his new wife before the puppies were born, why would he not want to live with her, was he moving to the farm permanently????  Ahhhhh….. I explained that dogs were different than people and that they did not get married but I don’t think they were listening to me!

After a week or so Hunter sent me a text that said I could pick Cisco up whenever I wanted.  Now I had been keeping in annoyingly constant contact with Hunter about my boys progress and was excited that Cisco had finally done his “work”.  My excitement was tempered when Hunter said he wasn’t ready and actually didn’t do his “work”:(.  Now I’m sure that Hunter would tell the story differently but this is how it rolls in my head… Cisco was kinda curious about Mossy but he was WAY more interested in playing with Glade, telling me that Cisco was still a little too much of a puppy to make puppies!  That is exactly what I told the kids and adults at school…Cisco is too much of a puppy to make puppies.  Cisco came home and happily went back to school to more love than he had ever received at Trinity.

His time at school was short due to the arrival of WOW week.  At Trinity, the 5th-9th graders participate in WithOutWalls week, allowing them to explore a passion and learn out in the world.  We take a break from the classroom and explore.  The WOW week I helped lead was a take off of The Amazing Race reality show and it took us ALL over Charlotte.  Cisco just had to stay home because a year and a half old puppy struggles WithOutWalls!

And now, we are back on track.  As I walked around a table this afternoon I found Cisco laying on the ground with spots of green and red paint on his fur and a 6th grade student exploring static electricity with his fur and a plastic stool!  Ahhh, all is right in Cisco’s world.

Puppy kisses and tail wags,

Cisco and Jen