As Cisco sat down to do his first blogpost of the year he was presented with the unnerving fact that he is a bit of a slacker when it comes to posting! He found four unfinished posts but nothing actually published since September…simply shameful! Of course we all know that this is not his fault since he lacks thumbs and the ability to type for himself but rather my fault for letting time slip away. Well, I convinced Cisco to “buy-in” to the convention of making a resolution to change something during the upcoming year. He reminded me that he can’t do it without my help so we have both resolved to be better bloggers!

We decided to give you a funny little story to get back in your good graces, hoping that you will reconnect with us and our work. On December 21st, Cisco started his first Christmas break. Seemed like every other week to him, sheer exhaustion by Friday afternoon but the change was that instead of crashing on the couch around 6 pm he headed to his second favorite place, The Dog Knowledge. This is where he goes to be a DOG, not a school dog or a working dog but rather a DOG dog! Little did he know that he was staying at TDK for 10 days while I traveled to visit family and friends on both coasts. After visiting and celebrating with MANY loved ones, I exited the airport after taking the red-eye from San Francisco and went to get the big boy! His sister Madaket came barreling out and jumped in the car, ready to get the hell home, leaving Cisco to sniff and wonder. Then he spotted me and came running across the parking lot and simply launched himself. I’m not sure if he was launching towards the car, Madaket or me but he ended up half in the car and half in my arms. Happy with where he landed he gave me 10 days worth of doggie kisses and his tail would not stop wagging…ahhh, we would all soon be home! We all then proceded to sleep for about 3 days…AHHHH!

As the new year rolled around I found that it was time for me to go back to school. We had faculty work days on January 3rd and 4th. Work days are usually full of meetings and lack the presence of kids so Cisco usually skips them but I decided to let him gradually work his way back into a school schedule with the rest of the faculty. Of course, everyone was super happy to see his sweet face. It still amazes me what the presence of a dog can do to a group of people! I went to one side of the dinning room to put my bag down and take off my coat. Cisco wanted to wander around and greet everyone so I slipped his leash off and turned my head to greet a colleague. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Cisco take off like his tail was on fire! He was tearing through the dinning room at top speed and before I could even figure out was going on he rounded the corner, found the snack table and helped himself to a dog-sized mouthful of yummy breakfast muffins. He cut right in between two civilized humans waiting their turn for muffins….as with so many times before, I held my breath and waited for the human reaction. The shocked look on the faces of all those around were replaced with hearty laughter! How can you not laugh at a big yellow lab smiling at you through a mouth full of poppy seed muffins? We were BACK!!!

So, we resolve to be better bloggers, we resolve to love a little bit harder this year and we resolve to run like there are poppy seed muffins and smile like we just helped ourselves to a mouthful!

~Jen and Cisco