For all the students and teachers out there, you know that the night before the first of school is nerve-wracking.  Sleep aludes even the most seasoned educators due to excitement, fear and a little “first day” anxiety.  Cisco got his first taste of the of the “night before” life of an educator this year.  I have learned that most of his anxious behavior stems from his reaction to MY anxious behavior so I must admit I was a bit relieved to hear his signature “hum” at 4:30 am on the first day of school because it gave me the excuse I needed to throw in the towel and get up rather than lying in bed staring at the ceiling!

So once we completed our morning routine filled with food, quick walks and playful games with Cisco’s “road-kill” toys (those toys that some dog toy genius created without stuffing, removing Cisco’s instinct to “kill” and “de-gut” all menacing teddy bears and smiling animals!) it was time to start working!  I slipped a tie-dyed bandana around Cisco’s neck and with the pride of any kid starting school with a new outfit or uniform he trotted to the back porch ready to GO! Like so many parents on the first day of school I snapped a few pics of the big boy…

The day marched along, filled with more new experiences than I could have ever prepared Cisco to face!  Each new experience was greeted with his signature smile and tail wag.  I had good friends on-call to come get Cisco if he was overwhelmed or too tired to keep going but he handled the first day like a ROCK STAR!  When we finally got home (at about 5:30pm) Cisco ate his dinner and wandered over to the cool wood floor and gently (yeah, right!) flopped himself down to take an “after school nap”.  Like millions of kids across the country who had survived the first day of school, the nap turned into hard-core SLEEP!  From “bright-eyed and ready to go” in the AM to “can’t keep my eyes open” in the PM…a true testament to the fact that school is hard!

   …the before/after of day 1!!

Those reading this that are familiar with Trinity Episcopal School know that we hit the ground running, knowing that every day brings new amazing experiences for students and teachers alike.  Cisco is no exception, he hit the ground running and next thing he knew he had been working for a week!  Cisco has accumulated many stories to share already so stay tuned…

Wag more,

Jen and Cisco